2012. október 20., szombat

Posztszocializmus és posztkolonializmus: a moszkvai afrikai bevándorlók

Találtam egy baromi érdekes (2009-es) cikket, amely a posztszocialista és a posztkolonialista problémaköröket hozza össze az oroszországi, konkrétabban Moszkvában letelepedő afrikai bevándorlók vizsgálatán keresztül. Izgi mi? Itt az absztrakt:

"While Western Europe has a long history of facing and studying the issues of immigration, this phenomenon is still recent for the ex-socialist states and has not been studied sufficiently yet. At the same time, the ‘closed’ nature of the socialist societies, the difficulties of the ‘tran-sitional period’ of the 1990s predetermine the problems in communication between the mi-grants and the population majority, the specific features of the forming diasporas and of their probable position in the receiving societies. The study of African migrants in Russia (particu-larly, in Moscow) recently launched by the present authors consists of two interrelated parts: the sociocultural adaptation of migrants from Africa in Russia on the one hand, and the way they are perceived in Russia on the other. One of the key-points of the study is the formation or non-formation of diasporas as network communities, as a means of both more successful adaptation and identity support."

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