2012. szeptember 14., péntek

Ingyenesen elérhető cikkek az Occupy mozgalomról

Ingyenesen elérhető cikkek a Social Movement Studies folyóirat legújabb számából, a téma pedig az Occupy mozgalom! Az anyagok egy gyors és ingyenes regisztrálás után hozzáférhetők itt.

Papers on Occupy!

1.      Jenny Pickerill and John Krinsky, Why does Occupy matter?

2.      Jackie Smith & Bob Glidden, Occupy Pittsburgh and the Challenges of Participatory Democracy

3.      Justus Uitermark & Walter Nicholls, How Local Networks Shape a Global Movement: Comparing Occupy in Amsterdam and Los Angeles

4.      Sarah Kerton, Tahrir, Here?: The Influence of the Arab Uprisings on the Emergence of Occupy

5.      Ernesto Castañeda, The Indignados of Spain: A Precedent to Occupy Wall Street

6.      Michael Janoschka, Jacobo Abellán & Jorge Sequera, Occupying the #hotelmadrid: A Laboratory for Urban Resistance

7.      Adam Barker, Already Occupied: Indigenous peoples, settler colonialism, and the Occupy movements in North America

8.      Rebecca Schein, Whose Occupation? Homelessness and the Politics of Park Encampments

9.      Jim Gledhill, Collecting Occupy London: Public Collecting Institutions and Social Protest Movements in the 21st Century

10.  Uri Gordon, Israel's ‘Tent Protests’: The Chilling Effect of Nationalism

11.  Curtis Smith, Ernesto Castañeda, and Josiah Heyman, The Homeless and Occupy El Paso: Creating Community among the 99%

12.  Sarah Gaby and Neal Caren, Occupy Online: How cute old men and Malcolm X recruited 400,000 U.S. Users to OWS on Facebook

13.  Sasha Costanza-Chock, Mic Check! Media Cultures and the Occupy Movement

14.  Mayo Fuster Morell, The Free Culture and 15M Movements in Spain: Composition, social networks and synergies

15.  Max Liboiron and Anonymous, Tactics of Waste, Dirt and Discard in the Occupy Movement

16.  Eitan Alimi, Occupy Israel: A Tale of Startling Success and Hopeful Failure missing

17.  Cesar Guzman-Concha, The students’ rebellion in Chile: occupy protest or classic social movement?

18.  Lorenzo Zamponi, ‘Why don't Italians occupy?’ Hypotheses on a failed mobilisation

19.  Sam Halvorsen, Beyond the Network? Occupy London and the Global Movement

20.  Jeffrey S. Juris, Michelle Ronayne, Firuzeh Shokooh-Valle, and Robert Wengronowitz, Negotiating Power and Difference within the 99%

Activist Interventions

21.  Anonymous, Activist intervention: Occupy: the End of the Affair?

22.  Isabelle Köksal, Activist intervention: Walking in the City of London

Book Review

23.  Anna Feigenbaum, Occupy: Scenes from Occupied America, n+1, Verso 2011

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